Death by Police: Autumn Anniversaries

DC Flag (three stars and two bars) with badges surrounding stars and blood dripping from bars

DC Flag with Badges and Blood

September and October hold seven death anniversaries for individuals killed by police in our city, 2015-2021, and Alonzo Fiero Smith was killed late on Halloween night, 2015. Attached is a list of the eight individuals lost in these fall months. (Below is a straight text listing for those who prefer that format.)

In recent years, DC has lost 30 individuals to police in our neighborhoods: usually Metropolitan Police Department or DC “special police” (private) officers; sometimes police from surrounding jurisdictions or Capitol Police. In addition, one individual was killed by Capitol Police inside the US Capitol, attempting to gain entry to the House chamber on January 6, 2021. Of the 31 individuals killed by law enforcement in DC (Jan 2015 thru Sep 2022), only the J6 victim and one other (Isabelle Duval, 2017) was white. Twenty-nine of the 31 deaths were Black people — in a city that is now only 45% Black.

Full list of deaths with Ward and Police District can be found at SayThisName. The Washington Post maintains a national database, including details about the incident. As of 9/19/22, the United States lost 7743 to police violence since the Post began their database.

killed by Police Death Anniversaries
PDF lists name, age, date, location, police force involved and a few words about the incident. Graphics include a memorial candle and image consisting of DC flag with police badges surrounding the three stars and blood dripping from the stripes.

Straight Text listing of autumn death anniversaries:

MPD = Metropolitan Police Department, “sworn” officers, employed by the District
SPO = Special Police Officer, officers “certified” by MPD but privately employed and supervised

Deon Kay, 18. September 2 — Shot by MPD 2020. 7th District, Ward 8. Stalked by Gun Recovery Unit

Terrence Sterling, 31. September 11 — Shot by MPD 2016. 3rd & M Northwest. Chased by MPD for “erratic driving”

Eric Carter, 53. September 16 — Shot by MPD 2019. 7th District, Ward 8. In shooting/mental health incident

James E. McBride, 74. September 29 — killed by SPOs 2015 outside Wash. Hospital Center. Trying to self-discharge

Deandre Johnson, 30. October 18 — Shot by MPD 2021. 7th District , Ward 8. Police serving protection order

Marquesha McMillan, 21. October 26 — Shot by MPD 2015. 4th District, Ward 4. Following liquor store robbery

Karon Hylton Brown, 20. October 27 — killed by MPD 2020. 4th District, Ward 4. In “careless” pursuit (per court doc)

Alonzo Fiero Smith, 27. November 1 (late on Halloween) — killed by SPOs 2015. Marbury Plaza, Ward 7/8. Use of outlawed restraint

Deaths since 2015, when “Say This Name” blog began naming each loss to homicide or police killing. Full list here 2015 to present.

— posted by Virginia Avniel Spatz, 9/19/22. Graphic: V. Spatz

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