Ruff Draft: 25th Anniversary of Black L.U.V. Festival

Black LUV Fest 25. Love. Unity. Vision. Founded 1997 in Washington DC with crowd image in background

25th Anniversary of Black L.U.V. Festival
50th Anniversary of Ft. Dupont Amphitheatre Summer Series
September 3rd 2pm-9pm

The Black (Love.Unity.Vision.) Festival returns to Ft. Dupont Park where it all started September 13th 1997! With the loss of nearly every Black cultural arts event in the city, i.e., Stone Soul Picnic, Black Family Reunion, Unifest, U Street Festival, Georgia Avenue Day, Caribbean Day Parade, Malcolm X Day, etc., etc., the Black L.U.V. Fest is not the last of a dying breed, but the continuation of resilience of a people in the face of adversity, gentrification and displacement. Music. Poetry. Info. Are the pillars of the BLF’s foundation addressing Violence Prevention x Afrofuturism x Culture x Health.

Presented by Social Art and Culture and sponsored by: DC Housing Finance Agency, DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment and the DC Department of Energy and the Environment.

Crowd image behind words: "Love.Unity.Vision. founded 1997 in Washington, DC" plus announcement text
The 25th Anniversary features an African Market Place curated by one of Anacostia’s premier small businesses Nubian Human. Our Community Partners are hosting Community Resources tables that are being provided by American Diabetes Association, 11th St Bridge Park, Empower DC, The MEDI Community Resource Center, Ward 8 Community Economic Development, Spaces In Action, Social Security Works, Words Beats & Life & Douglass Community Landtrust. Community Awards are being presented to Sugar Bear featuring EU with the Scotty Beats Stop the Violence Music Award for their new video Peace Gone Away. The Fannie Lou Hamer World Community Service Awards go to Mr & Mrs Uzikee Nelson and Mr. & Mrs Haile Gerima for their work of being towering figures and artists in the Black Community for decades.

This momentous occasion marks the 50th Anniversary of the Ft. Dupont Park Summer Series and features performances by: Experience Band, Proverbs Reggae Band, Yahzarah, Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh, Plunky & Oness, and the featured performance by Sugar Bear featuring EU. The event kicks off 2pm and continues past 9pm. This family friendly event is open to all ages, races and every socioeconomic background in a celebration of the very best of Black culture and the arts.

Special thank you to Gentry Davis, former Deputy Regional Director of the National Park Service, for supporting the Black L.U.V. Festival in its conception at Ft. Dupont Amphitheatre in 1997 and special thank you to Eaton Hotel for providing housing for the artists that traveled to DC to take part in 25th Anniversary of BLF.

“We have a false narrative: Gentrification is like the big giant that lives up in the hills and comes down to the city and terrorizes people. It’s man-made. It’s not like rain and clouds. It’s not a thing of nature. It requires a different plan.”
– Kymone Freeman (New York Times) August 14th 2022

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