Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram

Post by on November 12th, 2012

Sunday, 6pm-7pm

Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram

“All I ever knew I read in the newspaper” was not only a famous Will Rogers quote but also the honest truth. Rogers scoured any and all newsprint he could get his hands on, which made for some incredible viewpoints. Will Roberts has updated that quote, “All I ever knew I read on the Internet.” With millions of news events being sent to the web, Will is sure to never run out of things to say. In a world where talk radio has become talk at you radio, Will is embarking on a territory that has not been touched in a long time, the world of communication. People talking to each other.

Will also recognizes the power of technology and social media on our culture and how we communicate. He delves into issues surrounding these forces in an effort to make sure we stay connected to one another. Too often media and technology isolate and polarize, but Will desires to build bridges and forge relationships.

Will Robertsʼ Weekly Telegram as a political variety show strives to bring disparate and sometimes refreshingly unusual viewpoints that can be respectfully shared and explored.

About Will

Will Roberts is an internationally renowned performer and speaker known for his high-energy and insightful content spiked with humor. He prides himself on bringing back the common sense and simplicity of America. As a Cirque du Soleil artist on the Las Vegas Strip, business owner, social networking consultant, author, television segment host, and certified performance coach Will truly lives by his word and passionately practices his own Simple Sense advice.

He is the author of the newly released “A Crackpotʼs Potshot at American Politics,” and currently engaged in his 2012 book tour. This book is the culmination of Willʼs years as an internationally syndicated political and social humorist and host of “Will Robertsʼ Weekly Telegram” on PBS Horizon. Will is considered a modern day Will Rogers. He is not only quick wit but an expert trick roper. Will spent seven years as a feature reporter and on air host with FOX and CBS and is now a sought after social media consultant.Now donʼt be fooled, Will is a Cowboy. The values and skills of the West are in his blood and are his true passion. He is an expert with a rope and was a featured act in Cirque du Soleilʼs Viva Elvis production on the Las Vegas Strip for over 1400 performances.

Will has performed at Madison Square Garden, the Los Angeles Orpheum, and the Republican National Convention. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and a 25 year veteran of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

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