The Luv Lounge

Post by on December 27th, 2011

The Luv Lounge
Tuesday, 8pm–9pm
A weekly 2 hour talk show (The Luv Lounge) hosted and moderated by Jamal Muhammad, aka Dj One Luv.  The show is built around discussing topics and issues in the Black Community relative to Black Men & Black Women to help build better relations between the two groups.

The topics range from relationships, economics, politics, race, religion, health, arts & culture, education, philosophy, media, music/entertainment, sports, community, fashion, international affairs and more. Addressing the past, present and future of Black people.

Each week a specific topic will be discussed along with relative questions that are asked to the audience in attendance as well as listeners that call in for participation. There will be featured guest each week ranging in different disciplines such educators, authors, financial & legal advisors, politicians, psychiatric & medical fields, entertainment celebrities etc… as well either in attendance or  calling in on the phone.
The Luv Lounge has been running for over the past 4 ½ years and has successful system set up that is radio ready. We have a diverse demographic audience of the African Diaspora which is inclusive of Black Men & Black Women from their teens to the 60’s and beyond. They come from all kinds of different social, economic, education, religious/philosophic & geographic backgrounds.  This vast diversity of audience creates a great mix of perspectives for the discussion that keeps it intriguing, informative and entertaining.