The Power To The People Radio Program

Post by on February 19th, 2012

Don’t Just Keep It Real, Keep It Right.


The Power To The People Radio Program
Hosted By: The Bedouin

Tuesday Nights from Midnight to 2 AM

A weekly socially and musically charged program created and designed to inform and inspire our people through interviews, discussions, music and more. Our People – My fellow Brothers and Sisters whom are fed up with the LIES, CORRUPTION, RACISM, INJUSTICE, INEQUALITY, and crave TRUE AND REAL CHANGE.  A show that is committed to bringing the harsh TRUTHS that most cringe at even the mentioning.  So if you are as tired of having your intelligence insulted and love great music , then this is the Show you’ve been waiting for.  Quote by Dr. Amos Wilson “The wealth of a people ultimately lies in their consciousness.”  ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE ! The show launched on Valentine’s Day with Very Special In Studio Guest :  Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets , which you can listen to below.  FREE ALL OUR POLITICAL PRISONERS ! ! !   PEACE