Walmart in Washington

Post by on August 3rd, 2011

Market Capitalization in the Nation’s Capital

By Rob Kleiman

The DC Community is still waiting for Wal-Mart to agree to provide a living wage for the workers they plan to hire in the district.

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, intends to build four new stores in the District of Columbia.

The Proposed Locations:
Georgia and Missouri Avenue NW
801 New Jersey Avenue NW
New York and Bladensburg Road NE
East Capitol and 58th Streets SE

View Proposed D.C. Wal-Mart locations in a larger map

While most can agree that the city is in need of economic development across wards, the community continues to fight for an enforceable community benefits agreement (CBA). This type of agreement will be enforceable in the court of law and safeguard DC from Wal-Mart’s track record of exploitative business practice

In an effort to facilitate community support, Wal-Mart boasts a site specifically intended to inform residents of the DC area; you can check it out at Wal-Mart’s Official DC Website. If you want to put in any input or reach out to Wal-Mart on this official site, visit the contact page. As of July 27th, there is one comment on the webpage.

There’s no doubt, Wal-Mart is powerful and incredibly influential in terms of driving sectors of the United States’ and global economy, which in DC’s case leads to a David and Goliath situation. Economic development and access to healthy affordable food, as well as jobs remain important, but the quality of lives and fair working/ economic standards that Wal-Mart is being pushed to provide are equally important.

Wal-Mart Respect DC Flash Mob


The issue is not whether Wal-Mart will move into the district, where Wal-Mart will set up shop, or when Wal-Mart will gain access to the DC market; all of these questions have been answered by Wal-Mart Corporate, DC Council Members, and each sites’ respective developer partner. The question at hand is: will Wal-Mart sign an enforceable community benefits agreement?

Wal-Mart Associate Greg Talks about Walmart’s Wages

Spearheading the community’s effort in maintaining integrity, environmental justice, and wage standards is The Living Wages & Healthy Communities Coalition, also referred to as the Respect DC campaign. Comprised of a number of prominent community organizations and interest groups, the coalition demands a seat at the table with those who call the shots and those who will rake in the cash i.e. DC policy makers and Wal-Mart corporate.

Wal-Mart in DC: The Full Story

Rendering of Missouri and Georgia Ave Store Provided by Wal-Mart Corporate